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The Beginning: 2020-2022

August 1, 2020: Despite the grip of COVID-19, the Uncommon Art on the Common event took place in Goffstown Village with a reduced scale and maintaining proper precautions. This was the first (and only) appearance for MRU of 2020. The few rugs and totes available were well received - lots of interest and favorable comments. One Knotty Tote and two doormats were sold, amounting to nearly $100, $70 of which was earmarked for a local charity.

December 2020: The recipient of the first MRU donation, in the amount of $70, was the Goffstown Main Street Program. GMSP is committed to the promotion, preservation, and economic vitality of Goffstown Village's historic business district and its natural resources while maintaining its small town quality of life. This one is near and dear to me, as I am currently the Art Team rep on its Board of Directors.

May 28, 2021: Goffstown Main Street Program held its annual Golf Tournament at Stone Bridge Country Club. MRU donated a 4' oval rug, valued at $90, to GMSP for the silent auction. Very happy to report that the winning bid was over $100. It made my day!

June 6, 2021: The first outing of the year for Mama Robin. A scorching hot day in the nineties saved by the breeze. Goffstown's Old Home Days had taken place during the entire weekend. On Saturday the 5th, I was busy manning the Art Team tent with Ann, and then Peggy. Of the two days, Saturday was definitely the busier. Having said that, the weather undoubtedly served as a deterrent for people milling about the Common on Sunday. There was quite a bit of interest in the rugs and the process. I actually started, and completed, a Knotty Tote during the event. (That's me - not the greatest pic - with my handy-dandy hook.) Unfortunately, no sales this time. I hope the upcoming Uncommon Art on the Common show on August 7 will be more successful. I'd like to be able to donate to a few causes in town this year.


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