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The Crow's Story

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"I work primarily in chainmaille, wire twisting/wrapping and beadwork... utilizing copper, brass and silver mostly, as well as semi-precious stones and glass. Yes, I love jewelry - wearing it, creating it, and especially selling it. In the future, I hope to expand to using polymer clay and other materials in my work...."  NRD

Story & The Crow Vision

I am an artist/artisan from southern NH... a commercial artist by training, but life had other ideas for me. I create art in an array of media, as well as write poetry & prose, and upcycle plastic shopping bags into rugs and totes. In between, I rediscovered creating jewelry for fun & profit, it's my main passion.


Stone Crow Jewelry celebrates the bold and beautiful in art and nature... through expressions of silver, copper, golden brass, semi-precious stones, wood, glass.... SCJ specializes in unique, handmade statement pieces and jewelry of substance at reasonable prices.

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